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Old Garage Doors, and the Trouble They Cause

May 13, 2016 | Uncategorized

A beautiful, working and fully functional garage door may sometimes be overlooked. Besides the beauty of the garage adding curb appeal (and value) to your home, they also provide the service of security and utility. Keeping all this in mind it seems only natural to want to replace, service or upgrade your garage door.

Spring Wear and Tear

Your springs are a counterbalance for your garage door. The garage door is heavy so with good sense the garage springs are under a lot of tension. They have to counterbalance the garage door which could weigh over 300 pounds (135 kg). If one of the springs gives out or breaks, it could be extremely dangerous for anyone standing next to the spring. The door could slam down and debris might go flying from the broken spring.

General Wear and Tear

Its only natural for the materials used in your garage door to wear out. Metals will oxidize and expand due to weather. When this happens the integrity of your garage door could be compromised. It’s much easier for burglars to break in, simply because your garage door is worn down. The easiest solution for this would obviously be changing the entire garage door but there are a few different.

Prolonging your garage door equipment

Most of your garage door hardware will need changes simply due to the rust like we had mentioned earlier. One of the best things you can do for your garage door is to make sure it’s properly lubricated. The lubricant helps protect from oxidation, though it will help it might not protect it completely from water damage or all of the elements. It will definitely still last longer if you lubricate your garage door properly.

Possible Defects

Garage door openers from before 1993 usually do not carry something that’s an industry standard right now. That being the garage door safety sensors. They help to detect any obstruction that could be blocking the garage door from closing completely. Sensors help with safety and the general function of you garage door. If you have an outdated model then give us a call we can install any opener whether it be chain, belt.

Should you upgrade?

Upgrading your garage door is a budget friendly way to enhance the front of your home. We make sure we meet all the modern standards for garage doors not only in beauty but in functionality. We can upgrade your entire garage door or just certain parts, whether it be your springs, opener, cables, panel, or your entire garage door. An inspection will always help get you to the best possible decision.

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